Some about us

The story of Thilot Holland dates back to the early 1920's, when G.J. Thielen was a local manufacturer of agricultural tools and implements.
Products like seeding machines, horse tractions, weeding equip- ment, ploughs and threshers were manufactured in a small shop.

As for today, we keep up the manufacturing tradition of the Thilot hand-seeding machine, ultimately showing its reliable design and construction.

Whether it be vegetables or
flower seeds, the Thilot
hand-seeder HZ423 will do
your seeding job.

This environment friendly,
time-saving tool, plants crops
like carrots, spinach, beet,
peas and other crops spaced closely in the row. It is ideal
for commercial vegetable
growers as well as for small
scale agricultural use.

Flower growing professionals
or enthusiasts, check out
Muller Seeds at with specific seeding instruc-
tions for flower seeds.

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THILOT HOLLAND Hand Sowing Machine
Owing to its fair-sized pilot wheels and simple transmission-mechanism, the machine can be turned and moved about very easily. The machine has been constructed both for sowing in continuous lines and for step- sowing.The mechanism for step-sowing can easily be coupled in or out.

A hand-sowingmachine which excells in practi- cal simplicity. In all its parts designed efficiently. That is the THILOT HZ423! A machine told by its users to be more than satisfactory.

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